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Dan Gurney Autograph Request Guidelines

Dan Gurney would like to honor the autograph requests from all of his fans, but due to the large number of requests,

it has become necessary to set a few simple guidelines...


We will honor requests for an 4" x 6" autographed photo of Dan Gurney for AS LONG AS SUPPLIES LAST.

The limit is one photo per person and or address. Please send a self-addressed envelope with first class postage affixed with your request. (More postage is required for international mail. International Postage Coupons are o.k.)

Books, magazines and other photographs may be sent in to be autographed. The size of the item must not exceed 11" x 17" in size. Posters and other large items will not be accepted and will be returned unsigned.

The limit is one item to be autographed per person and or address.

In order for us to return your item, you must include adequate RETURN POSTAGE with a return label or self-addressed stamped envelope. If you do not include a return shipping method and postage, your item will not be returned.

We no longer accept models or car parts of any kind for autographing.

If you send in an item to be autographed for a fundraiser or special event, please allow plenty of time to process your request. We cannot guarantee that any request will be returned by a certain deadline.

Please send items to:

All American Racers

P.O. Box 2186

Santa Ana, CA 92707

Dan Gurney does not charge for his autograph. If you would like to make a donation to Hoag Hospital Cancer Center in his name, please send it to:

Hoag Hospital Foundation
Cancer Research Center
500 Superior Avenue, Suite 350
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Thank you for following these guidelines. Dan Gurney receives many requests so please be patient.

We cannot be responsible for lost, missing, damaged or unreturned items.