Alligator Riders

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Peter Starr, Motorcycle Movie Producer: "This is the quickest way to gain confidence in fast sport riding. Lightweight, low CG, great brakes, and ample power is a combination that packs a wallop and provides the thrill of riding something completely different. Definitely an E-Ticket ride!"

Sue Callaway: General Manager Jaguar Motorcars, North America: "Once I got used to the foot-forward riding position, I was amazed how agile the ALLIGATOR is. The low center of gravity seems to make the handling impressively nimble, but still offers a pleasant cruising sensation as well. The Alligator is unique - and uniquely well designed for sport riding and touring. I am hooked!"


Townsend Bell: 2001 Indy Lights Champion: "Surely the most exciting and promising two wheeler that I have ever ridden.So many prototype vehicles are different conceptually but fall short on any real performance benefit. The ALLIGATOR shatters that reputation with a riding experience that will light the fire of any motorcycle enthusiast."

Mark Briant, Motor Journalist: "Anyone who thinks you need 150 hp to go quickly will be in for a shock. The light weight and low CG make all the difference."

Gary Nixon, 1967 & 1968 AMA Grand National Champion: "The first time I rode the Alligator, not very many people knew it existed. The last time I rode it, Gurney’s engineers were perfecting the carbon fiber body work. It looks good, turns great, has amazing acceleration and stops on a dime. Impressed me."

Tim Enoch, Professional Race Car Driver: "The first time I laid eyes on the ALLIGATOR, I wasn’t sure whether it was a cruiser or a sport bike. After riding it, only one word came to mind "revolutionary". The acceleration of this machine is truly surprising. The front wheel will not come off the ground no matter how hard you twist the throttle."

Reeves Callaway, Sports Car Constructor: "Dan has created a machine that is brilliant, stuck true to his vision, which is sound and executed it in a way that any first class constructor would be proud of. In the world of luxury goods, this project has so many of the essentials: it is the genuine article, you can talk to the man who made it, it is true to its vision and purpose and only a few will have one"

Juan Manuel Fangio II, GTP Champion 1992/1993: "With a new race car at the start of the season, you will usually have "the good taste" the very first time you drive it. That was the feeling I got when I rode the ALLIGATOR for the very first time, I knew right away that I was driving something unique. I felt like I was riding away from other motorcycles without trying. The seating position of motorcycles has often struck me as being unnatural, so with the ALLIGATOR it was like sitting in a Formula I car. Dan is the perfect father for this new great birth. When it comes to building machines, Dan is unique in mixing experience with passion and love and that’s what the Gator got."

Justin Gurney, Alligaor Project Manager and Body Designer: "Having ridden most of the major bikes during the last ten years, I would say there is nothing remotely close to the ALLIGATOR out there."