When You Gotta Go

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When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

The December 1999 issue of CAR & DRIVER Magazine features an article titled “The Heavy 100 ” - a cheeky yet fond tribute to the Automotive 20th century. Below please enjoy the moment that ranked 59th:

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go. In 1967, Dan Gurney made motorsports history at Spa when he won the Belgian Grand Prix in his own Eagle race car, a Formula 1 first for an American. Less noteworthy, but funnier, was Gurney’s performance, and the Eagle’s F1 debut, in the previous year’s Belgian race.


Starting dead last, Gurney was working his way through the pack when it became agonizingly clear to him that he had to go. To the toilet. Could this all-American boy simply let loose and drive on - in a seat full of pee? No way! The one time Car & Driver candidate for President of the U.S. stopped the car, climbed out, left the engine idling, put a rock behind one tire, let fly into a trackside ditch in front of a flock of disbelieving Belgians, climbed back in, and motored away.