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Dan Gurney's
"Moment Cancelling" 4-Stroke Engine
Dan Gurney
Moment Cancelling Engine

The patented name for this engine is:

“Moment Cancelling” 4-Stroke Engine

Simple Design Objectives:

  1. 1. Low vibration or “turbine smooth”
  2. 2. Trouble free reliability and endurance (low stress)
  3. 3. Fuel efficient use
  4. 4. Compliance with all emission laws
  5. 5. Must run on readily available fuel (91 octane in CA)
  6. 6. User friendly power delivery
  7. 7. Good B.M.E.P. numbers regarding power (Brake Mean Effective Pressure)
  8. 8. Good B.S.F.C. (Brake Specific Fuel Consumption)
  9. 9. Simplicity with low parts count
  10. 10. We have received a patent

Time Table:

  1. First run is scheduled for December 2017
  2. Future turbo/supercharged versions are in the pipeline for when we grow up