Alligator Motorcycle

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Legendary racing driver and race car manufacturer Dan Gurney is the inventor of the ALLIGATOR motorcycle and the founder of Dan Gurney Alligator motorcycles Inc., a division of All American Racers. Dan came up with the idea of the Alligator motorcycle because, as someone quite tall, he felt the standard riding position on most bikes was simply too high and crouched forward.


He set about working on a riding position that was much lower ‘into’ the bike and this had the added benefit of lowering the center of gravity dramatically. This is a familiar concept in race cars but not something that has been explored greatly on motorcycles.

The Alligator project started out with one mechanic in a small back room at AAR but has blossomed tremendously. The passion for this concept has not wavered over the course of the last 30 years. A ‘limited edition’ production run was successfully carried out in 2002 with Dan’s iconic number 36 from his Formula 1 days being chosen as the magic number of Alligators that would be produced.

The bikes, with their signature blue and white paint scheme, have been extremely well received and a lucky few owners around the country are smiling on backroads enjoying their exclusive treasure.

The ALLIGATOR name, which has been trademarked, came about because of the bike’s long, low appearance. The name was also chosen to reflect the American aspect of the cycle.

The Alligator is a species of North America not found anywhere else in the world. While it is a primitive animal with a history stretching back to the dinosaurs, it can be fierce and quick, having adapted well to its environmental conditions through the ages.

In the modern day world of design by computer, committee and consensus, this machine is the product of one man’s idea in the tradition of the great motor men of the past like Porsche, Ferrari, Ford, Tucker, Bloor, Britten and Honda.

The Alligator project continues to this day with various prototypes constantly being updated and ridden on Southern California roads. Dan is as passionate as ever about the Alligator and continues to experiment with new chassis and engine configurations on a daily basis.

Famous for the slogan: "More Smiles Per Mile!"