All American Racers History

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All American Racers designed and built 158 Eagle racing cars between 1965 AND 2012


4 Formula One Eagles
106 Indy Eagles
20 Formula 5000 Eagles
13 IMSA GTP Eagles
13 Formula Ford Eagles
2 Trans-Am Plymouth Barracudas
3 IMSA GTU Toyota Celicas
3 IMSA GTO Toyata Celicas
2 Can-Am McLEagles
1 Lola Can-Am
1 Delta Wing

Dan Gurney's All American Racers is the only constructor in the United States which has designed and built:

A Winning F1 Grand Prix Car
A Winning Indianapolis 500 Car
A Winning Sports Car


AAR's factory team has employed 66 drivers winning 78 victories, the "Indy 500", 83 poles positions and 8 Championships.

All American Racers (AAR) has been in the racing business since 1965 when Dan Gurney and Carroll Shelby, who were involved in a very successful and victorious relationship as a driver and team owner of Shelby Cobras and Shelby Fords, joined forces to establish a race car company together in Santa Ana, California with the backing of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

Prior to that point, Dan had a small shop in neighboring Costa Mesa, which was integrated into the new venture. While the two founders were still looking for an appropriate name for their new company, the then-president of Goodyear, ex-basketball champion Victor Holt, suggested All American Racers.

It was at that time that Goodyear started their big involvement in auto racing on both the Formula 1 circuit (Dan was the first driver to race a Grand Prix car equipped with Goodyear tires) and the Indianapolis 500, which up to that point was mostly a Firestone arena. The cars AAR was designing and building were called Grand Prix or Indy Eagles, one of the many distinguishing features being a "beak" at the front of the car. Roger McCluskey became the first driver to achieve a victory in an Eagle at Langhorne, Pennsylvania in 1966.