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Under the guidance of CEO Justin Gurney, the company’s prototype and manufacturing facility has been continuously modernized and expanded.

The vast Southern California factory houses a complete state of the art composite and materials department, CAD design office, vehicle dynamics department, CNC machine shop, 5 axis mills, large gantry mills, gerber cutters, high speed routers, data acquisition and analysis department, fabrication shop, water tunnel, autoclave, and its own motorcycle chassis and engine manufacturing facility including chassis and engine dynos.


It employs a highly skilled and educated workforce accustomed to working under enormous time pressures which the racing calendar with its immovable deadlines demands. While AAR continues to be actively involved in auto racing and motorcycle development, the company has made an important and significant transition into the aviation industry. Over the past 10 years, AAR has become a major supplier of small and large aircraft parts and solutions. The company with its fabled racing history provides a link to the glory days of motorsport and at the same time manages to be on the cutting edge of technology. It looks back to the past with fondness but keeps an eye firmly on the future.