Alligator Riders

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Eddie Lawson, 4-time Grand Prix Motorcycle World Champion and Alligator Test Rider: "The thing our Grand Prix bikes had the most trouble with, this bike does well."

Perry King, Hollywood Actor and Expert Rider: "Riding a GATOR is the most fun I’ve ever had on a motorcycle and I have been riding for 38 years. I think the design is as big a breakthrough as when they put the motor in the back of a race car at Indy, and didn’t Dan have something to do with that too? ONE ride, and I plunked my money down to buy one as soon as possible."


Paul Elmore, Sunday Rider: "I would sell all my motorcycles just to have one Alligator."

Jim Gurney, Alligator Sales Department and Test Rider: "Riding the ALLIGATOR brings one’s confidence to a higher level compared to riding a conventional motorcycle. There is nothing like shifting your weight off the seat, tapping your puck on the ground and accelerating through the turn."

Manfred Jantke, Germany, Motorsports Journalist and TV Commentator: "You do not sit on the bike, you sit in it extremely low. After five miles you do not realize the extreme seating position any more. It’s comfortable. This even more under full acceleration when you must not hang on to the steering bar but lean against the back fender, very relaxed. When a rider on a regular superbike stops next to you at the traffic light, he seems to sit on a camel. The acceleration of the bike at green is enormous, the ALLIGATOR is anything but business as usual."

Ernest Krueger, Alligator Rider No 41: "It just does not seem fair to the guys on regular bikes!"

Alex Gurney, Professional Race Car Driver: "To me, this feels like the natural way to ride a motorcycle."

Mike Smith, AMA Racer: "I want to get this thing on the race track!"

Jody Nicholas, Professional AMA Motorcycle Racer and Magazine Test Rider: "I rode the first version of Dan Gurney’s Alligator a long time ago. I was both amused and impressed with the concept’s potential. In 2002, I am excited and truly dazzled by the machine’s sophistication and performance."

Rick Haas, Sunday Rider: "The Alligator is the most confidence-inspiring motorcycle I have ever ridden!"