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Cannonball Run
Winners: Dan Gurney / Brock Yates in a Ferrari Daytona Coupe.

"Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash" (commonly called the "Cannonball Run") 1971
Dan's  friend and journalist Brock Yates persuaded him to compete in the first "Cannonball Run", a somewhat "tongue-in-cheek-race" across the United States, which became the basis for the famous movies.
Time from downtown Manhattan to the Portofino Inn (Redondo Beach, California): 35 hours and 54 minutes.

First Race: Torrey Pines, 1955 - Triumph TR2

First Win: Montgomery Field, San Diego; 1956 - Porsche Super


First GP Team: Ferrari, 1959

First Grand Prix win for Porsche, Brabham, Eagle.

First win for Ford Shelby Cobra.

First CanAm win for Ford.

Dan Gurney raced the following cars / marques:

Brabham F1, BRM F1, Chevrolet, Cooper, Denzel, Eagle F1, Ferrari (F1, sports cars 250 Testa Rossa, 4.9 Arciero Ferrari, Ferrari Dino, Ferrari Daytona)
Ford (NASCAR stockcars, Ford Galaxie and Mercury, Ford Mk II, Ford Mark IV, Ford Mustang, Ford Shelby Cobra, Ford Shelby Cobra Daytona, Mercury Cougar TransAm)
Genie, Jaguar, Lola, Lotus (Lotus Indy car, Lotus 18 F1, Lotus 19 sports car, Lotus 23) Maserati (F1, Birdcage), Matra, McLaren (F1, CanAm), McLeagle, "Ol’Yellar", Oscar
Plymouth, Porsche (F1, F2, 1600 Porsche Super, RSK Spyder, RS 61, GTL)
Triumph, Volkswagen Beetle, Zink (Indy Turbine)