Delta Wing

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Page 2: The Revolutionary Delta Wing

The team that built the first Delta Wing prototype assembled in AAR's courtyard to raise a champagne toast to all who contributed to this first chapter in the Delta Wing Saga. They felt a little like parents who are sending a kid off to college: proud of the accomplishment and a bit sad to say goodbye. Ben Bowlby who missed the celebration due to the official launch in London left Dan and AAR with these words "We made history together..... "


The Delta Wing AAR Team

(Above: The Delta Wing / AAR Team are assembled around the car at the send-off celebration in AAR's backyard. Last row on the left: Deltawing designers Zack Eakin, Simon Marshall and Driver Alex Gurney. On the right: AAR owners Dan and Evi Gurney with Justin Gurney behind and Vice President Kathy Weida and CFO Sheila Hanrahan at the side)

On September 30th, Michelin presented the DeltaWing Le Mans show car at Petit Le Mans, the final race of the 2011 American Le Mans Series at Road Atlanta. This Le Mans DeltaWing is technically different from the single seater IndyCar version introduced a year ago. It was built by Dan Gurney's All American Racers organization in Santa Ana, California; within 30 days from "a clean sheet of paper" using the company's advanced composite material technology and in house machinery.