Delta Wing

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Page 3: The Revolutionary Delta Wing

AAR CEO Justin Gurney, DeltaWing designer Ben Bowlby and a team of AAR engineers, craftsmen, fabricators and mechanics worked out of a purpose built new engineering office on the premises to get the car built within 30 days. In its black primer livery with silver accents it was crated and shipped by truck to Duncan Dayton's Highcroft Racing establishment where it arrived on September 12th. There it was painted red and shipped to Atlanta for the Michelin press conference.


When the car left AAR's facilities in its stunning black primer looks, Dan Gurney said: "It evokes the image of Kelly Johnson’s Lockheed SR-71 spy plane with wheels."

DeltaWing’s Ben Bowlby, Highcroft’s Duncan Dayton and Le Mans Legend, Dan Gurney Talk about taking the DeltaWing car to Le Mans in 2012.

Delta Wing Body