Eagle F1 Car, Technical

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Technical Data of the Eagle F1 Car

Constructor: Designed, built and assembled by All American Racers, Santa Ana, California.

Chief Designer: Len Terry (Chassis), Pete Wilkins (Exhaust System)

Engine: Gurney Weslake V12 (60 degree 4 valve 2997cc 395-410 bhp at 11.000 rpm), designed by Aubrey Woods and built at Weslake Engineering in Rye, England


Gearbox: Hewland DG 300, 5 speed

Dry Weight: 1170 lbs

Tires: Goodyear

Paint Scheme: American racing colors; dark blue with white stripes

Number of Cars Built:

4 (one car, introduced at the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort, incorporated many technical innovations including titanium suspension and headers and magnesium monocoque skin. (It became known as 'The Titanium Car'). It won the Grand Prix of Belgium 1967 and is now in the Miles Collier Museum in Florida).


Dan Gurney, (25 races, 1 Grand Prix victory, one Formula 1 victory, 6 front row starts, qualified 13 times in the top five)

Bruce McLaren, (3 races)

Bob Bondurant, (2 races)

Lodovico Scarfiotti, (one race)

Ritchie Ginther, (Formula 1 Race of Champions, Brands Hatch, practice Monaco)

Phil Hill, (practice Monza).

Al Pease, (1 race)