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Corvette Legend Reeves Callaway, 1947-2023 - By Chris Perkins (7-14-2023)

The Eagles Fly - Video By Throttlestop (7-11-2023) (Originally Published 2022)

2023 Gurney Cup Slot Car Races - By AAR (8-28-2023)

Dan Gurney, America’s Greatest Racing Man - By Gordon Kirby (4-13-2023)

F1 In America: The story of the US racer who was the only driver feared by the legendary Jim Clark - By David Tremayne (4-07-2023)

All American Racers Try Karting - By Karter News (4-1-2023) (Originally Published 1970)

Remembering Dan Gurney - By The Marshall Pruett Podcast (3-1-2023)

Dan Gurney’s Le Mans Memories - By The Marshall Pruett Podcast (3-1-2023)

Dan Gurney and His World of Racing - By The Marshall Pruett Podcast (3-1-2023)

The Way We Were - By Evi Gurney (4-14-2023) (Originally from "The Racing Baron" 1999)

Paul Williams 1983 Toyota Celica Commercial - By Toyota (3-1-2023)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From All American Racers and the Gurney Family - By AAR (12-15-2022)

The Gurney Bubble and Gurney's Bubbly - by Ronnie Schreiber (1-15-2023)

Phil Remington: Shelby’s Superstar Race Car Builder - By Motor Sport Magazine (12-5-2022)

Dan Gurney Automobilia, a Focus on His All American Racers - By Pat O'Rourke (12-1-2022)


A Rare BMX Endorsed by an American F1 Hero - By Benny Kirk (11-11-2022)

Fifty Years Ago Today - By Doug Stokes (9-3-2022)

Gurney Cup - By Great Lakes Slot Car Club (8-30-2022)

Smithology: As if He Knew Something We Didn’t - By Sam Smith (8-2-2022)

2022 Dan Gurney Eagle Racing Cars & AAR Alumni Reunion at Road America - Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin - By Elkhart Lakes Racing Museum (7-17-2022)

Dan Gurney Eagle Racing Cars & AAR Alumni Reunion – Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI, July 14-17, 2022 - By Bradley Newman (7-17-2022)

Wrapping up the Emotional Eagle Gathering, Road America WIC with Brian Redman - By Vintage Motorsport (7-17-2022)

Chris Cord, 1940-2022 - By Marshall Pruett (7-30-2022)

72 Technical Innovations - By Steve Shunck (5-30-2022)

An American Gentleman - By Rainer Schlegelmilch (4-21-2022)

Dan’s Magic Bullet... The Story of the Gurney Flap - By Marshall Pruett (4-8-2022)

Dan Gurney has been Inducted into the Hot Shoe Hall of Fame - By HotShoe HOF (2-17-2022)

Dan Gurney - Tribute to a Racing Legend (Video) - By Goodwood Road & Racing (1-17-2022)

Gurney for President! - Celebrating Dan Gurney at Goodwood - By Goodwood Road & Racing (1-17-2022)

Today, Dad Would Have Turned 90 - By Justin Gurney

Road America - The AAR Eagle will be the featured marque of the 2022 WeatherTech International Challenge - By Road America

Dan Gurney Won 1967 Belgian Grand Prix With a Car He Designed and Built - By Area Auto Racing News

Dan was the Man - By D. Randy Riggs, Vintage Motosport

Big Machine Racing Honoring Gurney At Darlington - By Speed Sport

AAR Garage Tour Video, Ultimate Hidden Racing Collection - By Justin Gurney

1 on 1 with Ford CEO Jim Farley - By Tripp Tracy

Video: The 10 Sexiest Formula 1 Cars of All Time - By

The Life of Phil Remington - By Colin Comer

An AAR Merry Christmas - 2020 - By AAR

Driven to Ride - By Dave Despain

Surfing Slicks UK - Motor Racing Heritage Surfboard Sculptures - By Surfing Slicks

The 'Gurney Flap', The '61 Chevy British Saloon Racing Car - By Area Auto Racing News

Ozzie Olson & The Olsonite Eagle, One of America’s great Indy Race Sponsors - By Olsonite Eagle

What made Dan Gurney one of racing’s ultimate heroes - By David Malsher-Lopez

Gurney Flaps on the KTM - By Peter McLaren

Dan Gurney’s Biggest Contributions - By Andrei Nedelea

The Secret Race Across America - By Pistonheads

Sunday 4/28 at Café Moulin - Cars and Coffee - By Ted7

Steeped in Gurney History - Hidebrand Proud to Commemerate #48 at Indy - By Jeff Olson

Fans pay tribute to Dan Gurney on what would have been his 88th birthday - By Albert Wong

1961 Chevrolet Impala: Dan Gurney’s American Export - By Petrolicious

Dan Gurney: All American Racer - By Harry Hurst

AAR & RACER offer sticker sale for fire relief - By Racer

Dan's Magic Bullet, the Gurney Flap - By Marshall Pruett

Driven to Ride - By Dave Despain

Dan Gurney’s Chevrolet Impala: The Car's Return - Video Series - By Goodwood Road & Racing

Dan Gurney Raced A Chevrolet Impala In Britain To Show-Up Jaguar: Video - By Sean Szymkowsi

Dan Gurney Once Shipped an Impala to England to Kick Jaguar Ass - By Chris Perkins

1966 All American Racers Indy Eagle Photo Gallery - By Bruce Canepa

When Dan Gurney Used a Bottle of Moët like a Firehose - By Moët & Chandon

Ex-Dan Gurney Chevy returns to UK for first time since 1961 at Goodwood Revival - By Gary Axon

AAR Eagle Indy Racer Wins 2018 Gran Turismo Trophy at Pebble Beach - By Kyle Patrick

AAR’s Phil Remington Announced as 2019 Motorsports Hall of Fame of America Inductee - By Motorsports Hall of Fame

Thank You for Heartfelt Messages - By Evi Gurney

A Great Racer, A Better Man - By A.J. Foyt - Autoweek

Dan Gurney, By Dave Searle - By Dave Searle

Vintage Motor Racing Exhibit at Lyon Air Museum - By Lyon Air Museum

1968 Gurney Eagle F1 Restoration, A Labor of Love - By Marshall Pruett with Justin Gurney

Remembering Dan Gurney, Always the Coolest Man in the Room - By Ryan McGee, ESPN

Dan Gurney All American Racer - Presented by Bell Helmets - Hall of Fame Series - By Bell Helmets &

AAR Creates New Vehicles for the Race Across America - By AAR

Racing Legend Dan Gurney has a Special Link with Goodwood - By Rob Widdows

Motocross Legends: Successful Race Across America - By Motocross Action Magazine

Motocross Champions Compete In Race Across America - By Jimmy Mac on Two Wheels

John Surtees, Formula One World Champion and 500cc Motorcycle World Champion - By Dan Gurney

John Surtees Tributes - By Autosport

24 Hours of Le Mans video: A.J. Foyt, Dan Gurney look back at 1967 Ford GT 40 win - By Autoweek

50th Anniversary of the Historic F1 Victory with the All American Racers Eagle - By AAR

Dan Gurney’s All-American Week At Le Mans and Spa, 50 Years Ago - By John Lamm

The 'Class of 1960' - By Dan Gurney

Dan Gurney on 1967’s Golden Week - By Marshall Pruett

An American Legend’s Greatest Year - By Kevin Turner

A Gathering of Eagles: Dan Gurney’s Remarkable Race Cars in New Exhibit - By Mark Vaughn

Dan Gurney exhibition to open at Petersen Museum - By David Malsher

The days when Eagles soared - By John Lamm

Dan Gurney Edison-Ford Medal Tribute Film - By Racing In America

The Henry Ford Museum awards Dan Gurney the Edison-Ford Medal - By Steve Shunck

Dan Gurney, a Motorsports Legend, to Receive Edison-Ford Medal - By Leo Levine

Dan Gurney: All American Racer. A seven part video series - By Adam Friedman

Sir Jack Brabham - A Tribute - By Dan Gurney.

All American Racer's Delta Wing Project - Wikipedia

Inside the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO LMP1 Program with AAR - By David Malsher

Eagle-Gurney-Weslake Voted No 1 - By David Malsher

A conversation with Dan Gurney about the future of the Alligator motorcycle project - By Dan Gurney

1967 Dan Gurney All American Racers Eagle - A Tribute - By John Lamm

The Gurney Flap Could be the Key for Better Helicopter Rotors - By Graham Warwick

Evi Gurney writes about her years with Porsche in the 1960’s - By Evi Gurney

Ford Mark IV to be Conserved by AAR - By The Henry Ford Museum

Behind-the-Scenes Hero, Phil Remington - By Dan Gurney & Justin Gurney

Phil Remington Remembered, Fabricator, Engineer, Legend - By Alex Kierstein

Mr 'Fix-It Phil Remington - By Preston Lerner

Phil Remington Gallery - By AAR

Tribute to Dan Gurney: 2012 - By Goodwood Revival - West Sussex, England.

A Feet First Ambition Fulfilled, The Alligator - By Paul Blezard

In Dan's own words: A saga of audacity, the AAR Eagle Formula 1 Story 1966-1968 - By Dan Gurney

Jerry Grant Tribute, The first Indy Car Racer to Top 200 mph - By Dan Gurney

Le Mans-Champagne Story - By Eoin Young

Sometimes it Just Flows: Le Mans-Champagne - By Lewis Franck

Cannonball! World's Greatest Outlaw Road Race - By Dan Gurney

Gurney for President Car and Driver's Candidate - By David E. Davis Jr.

Gallery of the 66 Drivers Who Have Raced for the All American Racers Factory Team - By AAR

The Technical History of the Machines Designed and Built by All American Racers - By John Zimmermann

The Indy 500 Celebrating its 100th Anniversary with Gurney Eagles - Indy Motor Speedway

A Tribute to Our Good Friend, 1961 Grand Prix World Champion - Phil Hill - By Dan & Evi Gurney

The Lotus Ford Plot to Overthrow the Offy Roadster at Indy - By David Barry

Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion - By AAR

Celebrating Dan Gurney's Innovative Spirit - By Gordon Kirby

Dan Gurney, the Cars He Built, the Cars He Drove, to be Featured at the Rolex Montery Motorsports Reunion - By Mazda Raceway

Memorable Milestones: Cannonball Run, The Cobra Team, Dan Gurney For President and More - By Brock Yates

Life and Death of Riverside International Raceway Part 1 - By Vintage Motorsport

Life and Death of Riverside International Raceway Part 2 - By Vintage Motorsport

Dan Gurney's Historic V12 Grand Prix Eagle Goes Back Home to Indiana - By Tim Considine

Carroll Shelby the Early Years - Wikipedia

Gurney Drives the Monster in Which Henry Ford Set a World's Speed Record - By Richard Barrett

Rolling the Dice, Dan Gurney Thinking Outside the Box - By John Zimmermann

Thank You Dan and Mario for America's F-1 Memories - By Robin Miller

Technical Data of the Eagle F1 Car - By AAR

Complete Racing Results of the Eagle F1 Car - By AAR

Five Motor Trend 500 NASCAR Wins at Riverside - By Matt Stone

Gurney Gets the Cheers Waltrip Gets the Win - By Shav Glick

The First Cannonball Run! - By Brad Niemcek

Gurney's Challenge to a Duel Between F1 cars and Indy Cars - By Jack Berry

Feature Story - The Gurney Flap - By Keith Howard

Dan Gurney Honored at the Chrysler-Jeep Wine Country Classic - Sears Point Raceway

Dan recalls the Birth of the Long Beach Grand Prix - By Dan Gurney

All American Racers Eagle MKIII GTP Car - By Racer

Biographies of AAR's Champcar Drivers 1996 -1999 - AAR & Wikipedia

All American Racers Eagle 987-Toyota Car - By AAR

The Formation of CART, Gurney's White Paper - By Ned Wicker

The Angriest Celicas - By Matthew Hayashibara

The Day the Dinosaurs died, Rear Engine Revolution at Indianapolis, 1963 - By Dean Case

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go! - By Car & Driver

Car of the Decade: The Eagle GTP Car - By On Track Magazine

Shav Glick Award: Dan Gurney - By Shav Glick